Nelle Doak O'Neill, Luthier
Carson Valley, Nevada

From Tree . . . to Concert Hall . . .

Putting the Pieces Together!

If you recall, at the beginning of our "odyssey" we took a look at the raw material that would eventually become our violin . . . Spruce for the top . . . Maple for the back, ribs, scroll and neck . . .

Now, you can view the metamorphosis that has taken place . . . actually, it's not a case of "magic" as the word implies, . . . but, as you have seen, the result of many hours of hard, painstaking work, dedication and skill!

With the top permanently attached to the ribs, the next step is fitting and gluing the neck into the mortised block . . .

. . . the back is temporarily glued in place and with the addition of pegs, bridge and strings, the new instrument is ready for its first playing "in the white . . ."

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