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Commissioning: conditions and terms

(Except for pricing, the following terms are for the United States and Canada only. Due to the diversity of laws, duties, taxes and shipping costs throughout the rest of the world, each case must be considered individually.)

To Begin with, I find it extremely desirable to develop a personal rapport with prospective clients. I like to have some idea of his or her level of performance; type of performance, ie., solo, chamber music, symphony or 'fiddling'; appropriate size of instrument (viola) and preference, if any, of model and tone quality, so that I can make an instrument that is 'just for me'!

My prices until June, 2016 are: violins, $8,900, violas, $9,500. Terms: a 10% deposit at time of order with the balance due on acceptance of the instrument. Should the finished violin/viola prove unacceptable for any reason during a two week trial period, the entire deposit will be refunded, minus shipping and insurance costs. After this trial period, I continue to personally guarantee my instruments against any problems that might develop due to workmanship.

I use only fine quality, naturally aged and dried wood for my instruments. Tops are normally of European or North West (US) Englemann Spruce with the back, ribs, neck and scroll of well flamed European Maple or, sometimes in the case of violas, native American Big Leaf Maple.

Additionally, my clients regularly receive, via Email, a professional, photographic progress report . . . from the raw wood . . . to the finished instrument . . . that can be printed and assembled into a scrap book of the entire process.

If you are at all interested in having a 'one-of-a-kind' instrument, built to compliment your personality and personal preferences, please feel free to contact me so that we may have the opportunity to become acquainted.

Nelle O'Neill

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