Nelle Doak O'Neill, Luthier

Violin, 'David R'

Completed, October, 2003


Modled after the 'Kreisler' del Gesu violin of 1730, this instrument is named after the Master English Maker, David Rubio, who so generously shared his talents and research into ancient Cremona violin varnishes.

The two-piece top is aged Englemann spruce, cut in the mountains of Idaho at 7,000 feet. The two-piece back is cut on the quarter and, with the neck and ribs, is of well flamed and aged European maple. Coloring is a red madder lake, layered between multiple coats of oil terpene varnish over a golden ground using all natural materials in the manner of the Cremona Masters. Fittings are boxwood, with attractive heart shaped pegs.

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