Nelle Doak O'Neill, Luthier
Carson Valley, Nevada

From Tree . . . to Concert Hall . . .

The beginnings of a new violin, modeled after
the "Betts" Strad, Cremona 1704

Nelle has been asked to make a violin using a new
pattern . . . so it's back to the drawing board!

Only one side of the pattern template
needs to be cut out, since both sides
will be the same
Actually, two separate templates are needed, one
for the ribs, and a slightly larger one for the top and back

Then, the mold, to which the ribs will be
temporarily secured, begins taking shape

Once the blocks are carved, the mold
is complete and ready for the ribs

Now the real work begins! The ribs must be bent to shape; the two pieces of the top and back glued together; the scroll carved; the plates tuned; all the parts assembled and varnished . . . and . . . stay tuned!

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